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Outflow (Crossword clue) We found 11 answers for “Outflow”. The astronomers say that this is the first detection of a molecular wind in NGC 1482. Outflow · As per the data, outflow from equity and equity-linked open ended schemes was at Rs 12,917 crore in November compared to Rs 2,725 crore in October. Outflow inspires a vision for living an outward focused life and provides practical tools to make that vision a reality with: A clear image (an overflowing fountain) that cements in the mind the five-step process by which readers can move from an inward to an outward focus; 25 readings that support a five-week Outflow focus, and. Find another word for outflow. usually singular outflow (of something/somebody) (from something) the movement of a large amount of money, liquid, people, etc. At the time of my visit this outflow was very considerable, and in the rainy season it must be much greater. Most people chose this as the best definition of net-outflow: In the mutual fund indust.

more_vert open_in_new Link to source. What does outflow mean? What does flow out mean? Top Glove recorded the second largest net money outflow of RM15. Search: Browse by letter:.

This page shows answers to the clue Outflow, followed by ten definitions like “ The process of flowing out ”, “ Air that flow outward from a thunderstorm ” and “ Air that flows outward from a thunderstorm ”. See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. · Capital outflow is the movement of assets out of a country.

· Meanwhile, Public Bank saw the largest net money outflow of RM15. Concerns over the group&39;s cash outflow saw shares fall 8. A synonym for Outflow is outlet. The total outstanding exposure of foreign investment in the rupee-denominated Government securities market remained relatively small at $ 56 million by end October. What is the difference between cash in flow?

It is associated with ridging, or anticyclonic flow. By extension, to move or spill quickly out of someone in a fluid, effortless manner. We address unemployment, hunger, homelessness, and medical costs. · MANILA, Philippines — The net outflow of speculative funds or hot money more than tripled to . Outflow discharges (Q out) from LMW, generated by individual precipitation events. When these crystals are warmed, the detent is lifted, and an outflow of light immediately begins. Here is what we are up to. More than billion was pulled from the 2 billion Vanguard.

the act of flowing out: We need flood control to stem the river&39;s outflow. The Outflow Curve Routing Method of modeling a reservoir is appropriate for simulating performance of any configuration of outlets. (REUTERS) Gold ETFs see first outflow in 7 months 1 min read. Outflow (contrasted with inflow) may refer to: Capital outflow - an economic term describing capital flowing out of (or leaving) a particular economy. A business is considered healthy if its cash inflow is greater than its cash outflow. 5p yesterday to 248.

41 synonyms for outflow: stream, issue, flow, rush, emergence, spate, deluge, outpouring, effusion. An outflow boundary, also known as a gust front, is a storm-scale or mesoscale boundary separating thunderstorm-cooled air from the surrounding air; similar in effect to a cold front, with passage marked by a wind shift and usually a drop in temperature and a related pressure jump. Synonyms for outflow in Free Thesaurus. I pulled out the bathtub&39;s stopper, causing the water to flow out. 4 synonyms of outflow from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 14 related words, definitions, and antonyms. In the low levels of the troposphere, outflow radiates from thunderstorms in the form of a wedge of rain-cooled air, which is visible as a thin rope-like cloud on weather satellite imagery or a fine line on weather radar imagery. · A record outflow from one of Vanguard Group’s biggest exchange-traded funds is stirring speculation over who was behind it and why.

In isolation this is of no use and it requires other financial statements like balance sheet, profit and loss etc. • Radiographs of the chest showed enlargement of the right heart with prominence of the pulmonary outflow tract. out of a place There was a capital outflow of billion in. What is cash inflow definition?

See more results. Outflow Air that flows outward from a thunderstorm. Antonyms for outflow. Since it shows only cash position, it is not possible to deduce actual profit and loss of the company by just looking.

the amount of money that leaves a company, industry, or country during a particular period : the outflow of sth Currency devaluation triggered a rapid outflow of foreign funds. The Malutis consist of beds of sandstone and shale, overlaid by an outflow of igneous rock from two to five thousand feet thick. Information and translations of outflow in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. That is, the outflow is a function of the upstream water-surface elevation. 22 billion despite the strong inflows. But if pardon is the outflow of the love of the offended to the offender, then it can scarcely be content with simply giving the debtor his discharge,. It&39;s the opposite of cash outflow, which is the money leaving the business.

Outflow definition, the act of flowing out: We need flood control to stem the river&39;s outflow. • This cash outflow occurred in the first half of the year. Outflow: a flowing or going out. To rush out of something, as of a liquid.

The act or process of flowing out: watched the outflow of the tide. Fluxes (Inflows and Outflows) in Groundwater Systems. Fluxes (inflows and outflows) in Groundwater Systems: In order to define the water balance or water budget of an aquifer system, the individual processes that bring water into or out of the system must be quantified (Figure 37 on the next page). That could be from sales, investments or financing. is a Christian faith-based charity that works with people in Saint John who live in poverty. Cash inflow is the money going into a business.

Outflow Structures Outlets and other discharge structures can only be modeled individually when using the Outflow Structures routing method. You can either type in the word you are looking for in the box below or browse by letter. ‘The outflow amounted to 21 percent of Europe&39;s population in 1870. 01mil and Hartalega registered the third largest.

something that flows out: to measure the outflow in gallons per minute. Updated:, 05:36 PM IST. Bipolar outflow in astronomy represents two continuous Outflow flows of gas from the poles of a star. Definição de outflow: When there is an outflow of money or people, a large amount of money or people move from. What is the difference between cash in flow & cash out flow? Why dealmakers turn to us Whether you&39;re looking for a short term project, a multi-month targeted campaign, or a long-term arrangement, OutFlow has the depth of experience, tools, and resources to find your next deal. Meaning of outflow. However, the model assumes that outflow is inlet-controlled.

a steady outflow of oil from Outflow the tank. • chemical outflow into the bay • In the case of early outflows and late inflows, the fifteenth of the month may be the most appropriate date. · The outflow appears to be extending at least 4,900 light years perpendicular to the disk. any outward movement: the annual outflow of tourists.

The equity schemes had witnessed an outflow of Rs Outflow 734 crore in September, Rs 4,000 crore in August and Rs 2,480 crore in July, which was the first withdrawal in over four years. We are also initiating some creative ideas and need your help! | Significado, pronúncia, traduções e exemplos. Something that flows out: an outflow of water from a power plant. Outflow Ministry Inc. English The outflow of skilled workers is today the greatest problem for employers, holding up investment and thus restricting economic development. · Rolls-Royce Holdings PLC said Friday that it now expects a bigger cash outflow for than previously indicated, as a surge in coronavirus infections has slowed a recovery in air travel.

Capital outflow is considered undesirable as it is often the result of political or economic instability. The outflow (Q out) discharge from a WB–LMW–CA system depends on the outlet characteristics of the system as well as on the relation Q out = f (H), where H is the water level in the system. · This net outflow in October was a result of a gross inflow of $ 1 million and a gross outflow of $ 21 million. Outflow, in meteorology, is air that flows outwards from a storm system. The table below lists available outflow structure types and subtypes, which include outlets, spillways, gates, pumps, and dam tops, breaks, and seepage. Definition of outflow in the Definitions.

94 billion from January to October compared to last year’s . · When there is an outflow of money or people, a large amount of money or people move from one place to another. The vents provide improved outflow of air. ’ ‘Certainly, the ‘no haste’ policy did not end the capital outflow. ’ ‘Price indices may or may not catch the effect of the net outflow of money from the commodity market. There was a huge outflow of money. Examples of outflow in a Sentence Noun We joined the outflow of fans from the stadium after the game. · Gold ETFs have received a net inflow of ₹ 6,200 crore during January-November period of the year.


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